Draperies and sheers include exciting new fabrics, hardware and headings in imaginative combinations, expanding beyond the established pleated panels. Traditional plated drapes with sheers or contemporary flat panels hung on decorative hardware, our decorators will help you choose the style that matches the vision for your room’s décor. Our decorators keep up with the latest trends and will be able to suggest fabrics and styles that you may not have seen yet.

Draperies have both practical and decorative purpose. To provide privacy, insulate against temperature extremes, and offer additional sound proofing from internal and external noises, we offer drawn draperies which soften all the sharp angles and edges in the home and create a warm, welcoming environment. Nice things about draperies is that they allow you to redefine your living space by adjusting the length and placement of them which can make a window or room appear larger or smaller.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why custom draperies are important for a home:

  1. Your floors, furniture, artwork and accessories can start fading over a period of time from harmful UV rays. Draperies are a great protective measure to contain the UV rays and protect the inside of your home.
  2. The window glass is typically where the heat of a home gets lost. Draperies are a very effective insulation against the cold when they are drawn across the window glass. 
  3. Draperies give you privacy and prevent view through into your home. 
  4. Draperies minimize the glare on your television and allow you to control the amount of light that comes to your space.
  5. Our draperies come in a wide array of fabrics in an assortment of patterns, prints, and textures to add warmth and style to your window and home.
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