Roller & Screen Shades

Traditional roller shades have been through some changes. The basis remained the same – flat fabric that winds around a metal roller tube was preserved, but the range of fabrics to choose from grew dramatically. Now, you can choose from fabrics that suit today’s relaxed, elegant, and casual lifestyles. There are almost limitless options for any style, from high-tech solar screen mesh fabrics to stunning pattern or woven fabrics. Along with the fabrics, the mechanisms have changed too. No more bulky spring-loaded hardware – today’s roller shades feature a smooth-operating clutch mechanism controlled by a beaded continuous cord loop. The selection expands from cordless lift systems and retractable cords to motorized options. Maintaining today’s roller shades is much easier than the ones you may remember. They are also more durable and easy to clean as there is no horizontal surface to collect dust like there is with a venetian blind. You can simply dust or vacuum at a low setting. Cleaning with a mild soap solution is also possible for most fabrics. 

Roller shades will match any type of décor in your home. Add a modern feel to any room with these elegant, easy-to-operate shades! The shades come in a variety of designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of colours, patterns, and textures, including geometric patterns and delicate woven textures. A range of opacities is available for all fabrics – from sheer fabrics that are airy and translucent to room-darkening fabrics that dim the room significantly. You can also opt for blackout fabrics that block light from shining through the shade for ultimate privacy. For a coordinated look throughout your home, we also offer roller shade fabrics available in roman shades and sliding panels. 

A transitional or banded shade is a newer take on the traditional roller shade. If you wish to achieve the privacy of a roller shade combined with the softened view of a sheer, ask about roller shades that come with the addition of sheer fabric bands alternating with light-filtering or blackout fabric bands. Raising or lowering your shade with privacy and light control at every level is also possible. When the two fabrics pass by one another with opposing sheer and semi-opaque sections, you create the open and closed (room darkening) effect.

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